Born In Hong Kong, China

“a refreshing validation of what a singer/songwriter should be”
-Mike Knightson – NEWSTALK

“impressive….with style” – HOTpress magazine

To call him a singer/songwriter really wouldn’t give you an idea of what his music sounds like or where his influences lie. His music spans from acoustic, jazz, and rock all the way to hip-hop, electro, and funk. Such varied influences probably stem from constantly being on the move and changing his surroundings. Kiernan was born in Hong Kong 1986 and in the last 21 years has called America, Australia, UK and Ireland home at some point. The majority of his childhood was spent in Boston which is evident in his music with a lot of influence coming from the songwriter scene in the states.

In 2005 after finishing secondary school he started a course and sound, stage, and lighting and it was during that time he began working on what would be his first unofficial album( “long demo” as he refers to it) “New Age Robin Hood” which compiled 13 songs written and produced by himself. By the time he released it independently he was working steadily in venues around the country and spending all his free time on the road doing shows, interviews, appearances, and promotion. In late 2006 after releasing and touring the album he ran into his band:

-Declan Clarke (drums) who was introduced to him by NY based songwriter Joe Whyte
-Adam Brothwood (bass) an aspiring sound engineer and college friend, and
-Kevin O’Malley (guitar) a long time school friend and fellow songwriter.
So touring then began with the new band, the shows became countless and he seemed to be making a splash in the Irish music scene. So he quit work and took to music full time.

In 2007 he released his first official single in Ireland called “Borderline” which went to number 3 on the Irish download charts and earned him spots on major radio stations all over the country as well as supports with the likes of Cathy Davey, The Blizzards, David Geraghty, The Coronas, Delorentos, top Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone, and many many more.

In late 2007 he stepped into the studio with his band to work on a new full length record. They went to Grouse Lodge Studios which has seen the likes of REM, Muse, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Flogging Molly, Paolo Nutini, and even Michael Jackson recorded there. Kiernan’s debut on One Eleven Records is available now on iTunes.